Just as I promised, here are a list of Galaxy Note 4 custom ROMs that are currently available to download and install. Each custom ROM is made specifically for a certain model of the Galaxy Note 4 so make sure you download one for your own device.

I’ve been browsing through the XDA forums and have come up with a list of custom ROMs that can be downloaded and installed onto the Galaxy Note 4. The list below will be sectioned off into all of the models that I can find on XDA-Developers. If your model isn’t listed here, then use the comments below to tell me your model and maybe I can help find some ROMs for your device.

Each ROM is made specifically for certain models of the Note 4 and is it not advised to install a custom ROM that is not made for your specific device.

In order to install these custom ROMs, you will need to have already done a few things to your device. The first thing you need to do is to follow the how to root the Galaxy Note 4 tutorial, then you need to follow the how to install a custom recovery on the Galaxy Note 4 tutorial. Once both of those are done, you should go ahead and create a Nandroid backup. This way, in case something goes wrong with the installation process of a custom ROM, you can always revert back to how your device was setup when you created the backup.

SM-N910C Custom ROMs

SM-N910F Custom ROMs

SM-N910G Custom ROMs

SM-N910H Custom ROMs

SM-N910L Custom ROMs

SM-N910P Custom ROMs

SM-N910T Custom ROMs

SM-N910U Custom ROMs

SM-N910W8 Custom ROMs

If you need help flashing any of these custom ROMs, please be sure to read through the how to flash a Galaxy Note 4 custom ROM tutorial and get familiar with this process. The entire installation process shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes and then all you have to do is set everything back up within Android.

I have no coded any of these custom ROMs and all of the credit goes to each and every dedicated developer from the XDA community. Follow the link for each of those ROMs and you will find the community that has created and uses that particular ROM. If you use any of them, please consider donating to the developer(s) so that they know how much you appreciate it. The more donations that they receive, the more incentive they have to continue developing it for the community.

This might not be every single custom ROM available for the Galaxy Note 4. Therefore, I’m asking you to use the comments below to continue adding to this list. Please be sure to include both the model number of the Galaxy Note 4 that it works on(list them all if it is universal) and include the name of the ROM along with the link to the XDA thread for it. I will delete comments to ROMs that are not listed on XDA and have not been vetted by the community.


  1. Note 4 910T:
    Which custom rom in the list above is most stable and efficient in terms of speed, battery & functions. And which one has zero issues or lags or not responding or camera issues, and which also enhances the speaker sound.

    • I’m sorry I don’t have your model so I’m not sure. You will want to go through the threads of ROMs for your specific device and read through them. Learn about them and see what those users are saying about them.

      If there are any bugs, you can be sure they are being reported in those threads and talked about

    • I ABSOLUTELY LOVE and VERY HIGHLY recommend FireKat! — It is Samsung’s official KitKat 4.4.4 (ANK4) firmware, which has been extremely well optimized and highly fine-tuned to the point where everything just works as fast and fluid as possible, with almost no lag anywhere in the interface. I’ve seen absolutely ZERO issues with usage of the camera, hardware functions, apps (Samsung or third-party), or any other aspect of daily usage. All of the Samsung functions (S Pen, S Health, multi-window, etc.) still work perfectly. Plus, I regularly get an incredible 30+ hours of battery life, with about 3 to 5 hours of screen-on time. The AWESOME crafter of FireKat (megalomaniac4) has also begun to give the same treatment to Samsung’s Lollipop 5.0.1 (COD6) firmware under the name “PopRocks.” But I REALLY recommend sticking with FireKat for now – Samsung’s base COD6 release isn’t really that solid yet and offers very little beyond what 4.4.4 provides (IMO). Once Samsung releases a solid Android v.5.1 firmware and megalomaniac4 does his fantastic optimizations, I’ll likely be moving on to that. I really couldn’t be happier right now with FireKat V13X, along with SmartLauncher Pro 3, Wanam Xposed, AC Display, Gravity Screen, Pie Pro (for simple navigation functionality: back/home/recents/menu, and more), and custom functionaries I’ve constructed using Tasker. I feel that my Note 4 is the (very nearly) “Perfect” smartphone, — for me anyhow.

  2. So i have several questions in 2 topic about ROMs in general.

    1 – As some of you know, it is possible delete bloatware files on a phone including Note 4. There are even lists that show which files can be removed without harming the system. (eg: https://www.reddit.com/r/galaxynote4/comments/2pgiib/the_ultimate_list_of_removablefreezable_bloatware/ )

    And, with the help of Gravitybox (http://forum.xda-developers.com/xposed/modules/app-gravitybox-v3-1-4-tweak-box-android-t2316070), it is also possible to make hundreds of tweaks that an average custom ROM let us do.

    So, do you really think that i still should find a stable custom ROM for a better performance? Aren’t the solutions above are not enough? Would a custom ROM make a “huge” difference?

    2 – And let’s say that i’ve decided to install a custom ROM.. In the all pages of the ROMs on XDA, there are tens of other links of the same ROM in the same topic. Which one am i supposed to download?? It is really confusing for people like me who are not so experienced about this topic.

    And, most of those topics were opened maybe a year ago when Android had lower versions like 4.x . But most of the devices come with 5.x versions now. Wouldn’t it be a downgrade if i apply one of those ROMs to my phone?


    • 1 – It really is up to you. Some people do not like the idea of debloating the software on their own because they don’t want to make a mistake. Using a custom ROM that is based on TouchWiz is likely to be debloated for you and it can save you some work

      Not all custom ROMs are unstable, and some have been tweaked to be more stable than if you had just debloated it yourself. Of course, this varies from device/ROM to device/ROM and it is something that you’ll have to experiment with to see what is best for you.

      Now, there are some custom ROMs that are based on AOSP(like CM, PAC-MAN, AOKP, PA, Slim, Bliss and more) while others are based on Stock(which means that it is based on TouchWiz). No matter how much debloating you can do, a debloated TouchWiz ROM simply cannot compare with the speed of an AOSP ROM. Granted, you lose a lot of features by going with an AOSP ROM, but some are eager to give up some unused features(unused by them, might not be unused by you) in order to get a clean AOSP firmware on their phone(think of AOSP like the software on a Nexus device)

      2 – This is why I have provided a list of links for you. Most of these duplicates are just there because different models need to have a ROM built specifically for that model. I have gone through and sorted out as much as possible

  3. I have upgraded my Sm-N910P to 6.0.1 marshmallow now I want downgrade it to lollypop how will I do

  4. as I have upgraded my SM-N910P TO MARSHMALLOW I lost some features like mobile data disable/enable option and teathering hotspot and usb teathering and the phone always trying to connect voice and data as DM service help me to get out of it


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