Samsung makes it easy to not only remove pages from the TouchWiz launcher, but to also add them and today I’m going to show you how that is done.

We’ve been talking about launcher and home screen features for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge lately. Today I wanted to highlight the pages feature and this enables you to add and remove pages directly from the home screen. This is a nice little way to¬†organize your home screen and do a little clean up in the process. Samsung installs a lot of applications out of the box and these can fill up your home screen very quickly.

Instead of having to go through and remove them one by one, you can simply remove a whole home page full of apps. This won’t uninstall them, but it will get them off of your home screen.

Galaxy S6 Remove Page from Home Screen

  1. Access the Galaxy S6 Launcher Settings
  2. Swipe to the Page You Want to Remove
  3. Tap and Hold on the Page
  4. Drag the Page to the Trash Can at the Top

Galaxy S6 Add Page to the Home Screen

  1. Access the Galaxy S6 Launcher Settings
  2. Swipe to the Left to Access the Page
  3. Tap on the Plus Sign in the Middle of the Page
  4. Continue Tapping for However Many Pages You Want to Add


This is another one of those features that I wish was included in the Google Now Launcher. Sure, you can remove pages like this but you can’t add blank pages to it. There are very few reasons why someone would even want to add a blank page to their home screen though, so this type of feature isn’t that big of a deal. It’s just one of those things that seems like it would be nice to have. I tend to keep my home screens organized in multiple ways so being able to skip a page every now and then, to have like a buffer between pages, seems like something I could get used to having.

I just can’t pull myself away from using the Google Now Launcher so I’ll have to do without for now. You can do a lot from the launcher settings of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge and these two features aren’t really laid out in front of you. It’s easy to find that plus sign and figure out what that does but not everyone knows to tap and hold on a page to move it into the trash can. I always thought it would be more intuitive to just swipe the page up without needing to do the tap and hold gesture. Although, I could see that making it too easy to remove an entire page. Still, an undo button could appear when you remove a page just in case the user wanted to bring that home screen page back.

I want to hear what you think of the Galaxy S6/S6 Edge’s TouchWiz launcher. Do you wish there were more features? Is there a feature that you would rather see implemented differently? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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