Gboard is the default keyboard on many devices and is developed by Google. Over the years it has matured quite well and provides so many options.

Options that no other keyboard provides and users may ask a question to them that they should need to install another third-party keyboard.

Google is also updating its keyboard in order to enhance the typing experience. With a lot of features, it is quite ahead among its competition.

The app already has an intelligent suggestion by default for searching stickers and Gif, clipboard items, etc. 

Google has not stopped here, the search giant is continuously adding new features to make typing experience better.

There are reports that some users have seen the smart replies and sticker suggestion feature in their Gboard. These features appear on the top of the keyboard during typing. Along with these a new Gif search suggestion also present which depends on the most recent text you send to that person.

GBoard New Smart Replies:

Among all the features, a smart reply is the most useful. Android Police reported that a tipster sends them the screenshot which highlights these features. There are “Yes”, “No”, “Yeah” suggestions shows at the top when a simple question is asked. These suggestions are in the place of previously shown multiple recommendations. The new suggestions now appear in a bubble-shaped circle and are much closer to each other. These recommendations are similar to android messages recommendations.


GBoard New Stickers Recommendations:

Another update is the sticker recommendations that pop up in the bar over the keyboard. The tipster shows that the sticker suggestions appear next to emojis when he is typing. Clicking on the sticker you get a bigger preview of the sticker. Clicking and holding the sticker then you get a few more options. Google will ask you to “Show More Items” or “ Turn Off Sticker Suggestion”.


GBoard New Gif search Recommendation:

There are also new Gif suggestions in the Google Keyboard. It takes a recommendation from the recent text you send to someone. These new recommendations appear when you open the Gif search in the Gboard.

It works like if you text someone “This is amazing” then the Gif appears in search are something like “Joy” or “Happiness”.

All these new features are not available for the users. Seems like Google needs some more time to test these features. You can try your luck by downloading the Beta version, it works sometimes.

Via: Android Police

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