Geico Reports Fraudsters Accessing its Customers Driver License Numbers

The second largest auto insurer in the US, Geico has disclosed a data breach incident recently. As per the submission made to California’s attorney general, Geico has suffered a security breach earlier this year, where an unauthorized party had access to its logs for over a month, and possibly breached their customers’ driver’s license numbers.

Geico Customers’ Driver’s License Numbers Leaked

Geico Reports Fraudsters Accessing its Customers Driver License Numbers

With over 40,000 employees globally and existing for 85 years, Geico is one of the largest auto insurance companies in the US. The company has suffered a security incident earlier this year, where the fraudsters had exploited a bug to gain access into Geico’s database.

Now, as per the submission made to California’s Attorney General, Geico admitted that fraudsters had access to their customers’ driver’s license numbers for over a month (between January 21, 2021, and March 1, 2021), through their website running the online sales system.

While it’s unknown what further exploitation the fraudsters had done, Geico said they “have reason to believe that this information could be used to fraudulently apply for unemployment benefits in your (customers’) name.” So, if you’re a customer of Geico and receive any “mailings from your state’s unemployment agency/department, please review them carefully and contact that agency/department if there is any chance fraud is being committed.

The concerned bug was now patched, and Geico is now working on the root cause of this issue. Apart from improving the security and privacy standards, Geico is providing a free one-year IdentityForce subscription. Also, it asks users to enroll in IdentityForce identity-theft protection service to protect them from identity thefts.

With fraudsters obtaining the customers’ driver’s license numbers, experts warn about potential unemployment benefits scams. Here, the fraudsters can apply for unemployment benefits to the government and steal funds.

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