Google Adds Bedtime feature

Google Adds Bedtime feature to stop users using a smartphone for too long. Smartphone usage has become a serious concern as many people use it for hours without even break.

There are many options and features available in today’s smartphone that users spent all their day on it. It has also hurt the user’s sleep pattern. People use their smartphone till late night just scrolling social media and watching videos on it. It has negatively impacted on their sleep pattern and their physical and mental health.

Many big tech companies have to provide some features to avoid excessive use of phones, including the big social media giants that have been working to curb this issue. However, this issue is out of control and need to be resolve in some other ways.

Apple has come with a feature called digital wellbeing, which involves an option called setting a bedtime. During the bedtime, the users won’t be able to receive any notifications, and their screen goes black. The only thing the users will see is the time and the notification if there is some call. 

Google Adds Bedtime feature:

Google also introduces a digital wellbeing feature in the Android 9 pie, but the setting bedtime feature is not available there. Google has introduced this feature following the footstep of Apple.

Google has introduced it in its clock app. Google Clock app in the android version 6 or more have now the setting bedtime feature. It will work similarly to the bedtime feature in the iOS that Apple introduces.

Users will set bedtime in the Clock app, and when the clock reached that time, notifications will be limited. The screen of the phone turned black, and there will be no alert for the new notification. With this feature, users will be able to keep a record of their sleep as well. You will be able to find out how much sleep you are getting in a day.

It is not a big step, but surely many tech companies are working to limit the usage of smartphones.

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