Android 12 Go edition

Google recently announced the Android 12 Go edition, a trimmed-down version of the original Android 12 operating system for the entry-level devices with 2GB or less RAM.

Android Go edition was first launched in 2017 as the trimmed-down version of the original OS to give a better and smooth android experience on entry-level devices.

As the official Android 12 starts rolling out for devices, Google has announced that the Android 12 Go edition will launch in 2022 and will reach 200 million entry-level devices.

Android 12 Go Edition
via: Google

The Go edition will bring many new features that are already present in the official version. This year Google claim that the Go edition will load apps 30% faster and offer much smoother animation. This is much better than the 20% improvement which the Android 11 Go edition offered. The apps will load faster in this edition as users will not see any blank screen which appears due to slow app loading.

Other features of the standard Android version will also be present in the Go edition. Features like privacy dashboard that shows which apps are using which permission in one window, on-screen translation feature, battery optimization feature, and nearby share feature are also present in the Android 12 Go edition.

Android 12 Go Edition
image via: Google

The OS also has a battery optimization and apps hibernation feature which hibernates apps that users don’t often use to save storage and battery.

At the moment there is no list of devices that will receive this update and when this update will start rolling to devices. Google said that the Android 12 Go edition update will reach out to eligible devices with 2GB or less RAM in 2022.

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