Google Announces Night Mode and HDR Support to Camera Go App
Google Announces Night Mode and HDR Support to Camera Go App

To help budget phone users shoot pictures better at night, Google announced to bring Night Mode to its Camera Go app. The feature will be rolled out to Nokia 1.3, Wiko Y61 and Wiko Y81 primarily, followed by other budget phones. This will capture multiple shots to make the image brighter and clear. Also, Google confirmed to bring HDR support too to the Camera Go app.

Google Camera Go Gets HDR and Night Mode

Google has been kind to budget smartphone users by making a stripped-down version of Android called the Android Go OS. This light software has its own suite of apps, which are made to run only on Android Go OS. While many popular have their Go-variant counterparts, they do not care as much as the standard variant.

But Google is changing this by pushing important updates to important apps periodically. The Camera Go app in Android Go is the stripped-down version of Google Camera in Pixel devices, which is praised for its astonishing photography modes and details. Now, Google is bringing two of the most important photography modes to its Camera Go app.

These are the HDR and Night Mode. Starting with the Night Mode, Google Camera Go’s Product Manager Pranay Bhatia revealed in a video that the light app is getting this feature. Starting with Nokia 1.3, Wiko Y61 and Wiko Y81, this feature will be rolled to others gradually. It captures multiple shots of a photo to combine them all, making the output brighter and better.

Also, the promotional video has also revealed the support of HDR coming to Camera Go. Though a timeline of this feature’s arrival isn’t revealed, it couldn’t be longer. These two important features mark the importance Google is giving to budget level users and helping them increase their ability to capture better pictures.

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