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After 16 years of existence, Google is shutting down its Bookmarks service as it’s not being widely used.

Google Bookmarks is a dedicated service storing all the saved places, pins, etc in your Google account, and is different from Chrome page bookmarks. Since it’s closing down the service, it asks users to export any bookmarks if they have.

Google Bookmarks Shutdown

Google Bookmarks Will be Shut Down Soon, Asks Users to Export Data If Any

In a busy routine life, bookmarking important things is helpful to look them up later if needed. These could be places, information, or any other essential that may help us later.

With this in mind, Google launched a Bookmarking service back in 2005 to aid users in saving online content for later purposes. But, Google Bookmarks was disregarded by users as they hardly know it. And watching this less popular service prevail, Google has finally decided to shut it down for good.

This was obvious and anticipated. And Google started informing users now who accidentally fall into this section, with a banner on the top detailing the shutdown date as at September 30th, 2021. And asks interested users to export any bookmarks data if they had.

While it’s less likely to happen, checking for any saved things isn’t a big deal. You may have dropped pins from Google Maps or other services. Google Bookmarks is a service that’s more used by third-party apps for serving you better, and least used by general users. So dumping it isn’t a big deal for users.

And to make things clear, Google Bookmarks is completely different from Bookmarks in your Chrome browser. While the former, as said, is helpful to businesses, the latter is the saved pages/URLs from the internet. Chrome Bookmarks aren’t going anywhere and will stay as long as Chrome lives.

But the Google Bookmarks will fade away after September 30th this year, and you won’t feel a pinch if you’ve never heard of it.

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