COVID-19 has brought a lot of change in our life, especially in our professional life. As the lockdown is imposed in many parts of the world to stop curbing the spread of coronavirus, many people are forced to work from home. 

When you start your day to do office work, you will be juggling between different apps to get started your work. These apps will be your mail app, your team’s chatbox, apps to check your project files and it some times becomes confusing as you have top check multiple apps for these.

To make your work-life easy, Google is updating its G-suite service and bring a cross-service integration of multiple apps in one app.

G-suite Integration:

Google is adding new features into the Gmail which includes the addition of google Meet, Mail, and Chat.

These additions will be available for both web service and the apps. With this update, you will be able to check your mails, chat with your teammates, check project files on your Gmail app.

Previously Google bring its meet service to the Gmail for both web and mobile apps and made it free for the users.

This time they are adding the chat feature in the Gmail for both the web and the mobile devices for better communication.

In addition to this Google is also making its collaboration feature in the chat more seamless and improved. Users will now have to option to share their project files and Tsak with their team members in the chatbox so they don’t need to switch apps.

Another improvement is the addition of the G-docs and the G-sheets in the Gmail so teammates can open the file in the mail without leaving it. So users don’t have to post a comment on their Google Sheets as they can use the chatbox to post any comment.

With this update, users can also be able to do video calls to their teammates right from their Gmail app without using another app for this. Google also makes some minor improvements as you can now disable or mute notifications so that you remain focus on your work. You can also pin important chats so that they always remain on top and easily accessible. 

The search engine giant hasn’t revealed yet when these changes will reach out to the users. But the search giant made a promise that they will be adding more new features and updates to its G-suite gradually.

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