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Google Chrome’s latest update to the desktop version brought two new features – Memory Saver and Energy Saver, which saves your system space and energy consumption to make it better.

The rival browser Microsoft Edge has these two features already on it and has been bettering regularly. While Google Chrome recently started, it eventually developed it and brought the same to it’s mobile clients. Here’s more of it;

Memory Saver and Energy Saver

Competing with it’s rivals, Google added two new features to it’s Chrome browser – Memory Saver and Energy Saver in the latest update.

The first one is similar to Edge’s Sleeping Tabs – where the browser will freeze the inactive or background tabs to save their memory consumption, thus making the whole process faster. The frozen tabs will be reloaded when the user switches back to them, to continue their work.

This feature in Chrome will be enabled by default when available, but it lets users turn it off if needed – through a notification set in the address bar. Also, the browser will tell users how much memory it’s saving through this feature.

Aside from this, there’s an Energy Saver setting to avoid overconsumption of your device’s battery at crucial times. This, too, will be automatically enabled in Chrome when available and tweaks the webpages when the devices like laptops fall under 20% battery power – to save the remaining battery life.

The feature will limit certain activities of the background tabs, like animations or videos, which consumes more power than regular text-based tabs. When working, you’ll see a little leaf icon in the address bar, which you can tap on to turn off.

While both these features are auto-enabled, Google says users will have the ultimate control over them. They can set a default status or even exempt websites from memory saving.

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