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Google Chrome does allow users to subscribe to notifications from websites that users often visit. It is a great idea as it helps to keep users updated on the latest news and updates on the go. However, on the flip side, some websites take advantage of this feature and bombard users with hundreds of notifications daily. This seems to be frustrating for many users as there is no way to silent or unsubscribe from these website notifications easily.

This is about to change soon as now Google is working on an update for the Google Chrome browser on Android which will help users unsubscribe from these websites’ notifications easily.

According to Windows Report, Google is now working on a “one tap notification unsubscribes” option for the Google Chrome browser on Android. With the rollout of this feature, it will be easier for users to unsubscribe from the website’s notifications directly from the push notifications on Android. This means that there will be an unsubscribe button under the website’s notifications on the Android notification tray.

Google said, “To improve user control over web push notifications displayed on behalf of websites, we rework the UX flow that starts with the user tapping the[Site Settings] button, which Chrome already places on each web push notification on mobile. Today, however, this flow then requires two additional taps and two context switches to complete.

We streamline this flow by replacing the[Site settings] button with an[Unsubscribe] button that revokes the permission from the given website(i.e. origin) in one tap and instead offers an[Undo] action on the subsequently displayed confirmation notification, just in case the unsubscribe was accidental”.

For those who want to test this feature, they have to download the Chrome Canary browser on their Android devices as this feature is under development and is available on the Chrome Canary browser. In the Chrome Canary browser, this feature can be enabled from the Chrome flag or users can directly visit this URL “chrome://flags#notification-one-tap-unsubscribe” to enable this feature. At the moment, Google has not disclosed the exact timeline for when this feature will be available on the stable build of Google Chrome.

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