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A report from Bloomberg stated that Google’s contractors in the US are denied having the flexibility of work from a home setting, as some are forcibly asked to come office next week.

Those who requested an exemption were asked to find another job, the report says. This led some to unionize and start a petition asking Google to let contractors retain their WFH setting, citing health, raise in commuting costs, and infeasibility of working from the office method.

Denying WFH Privileges to Google Contractors

Though Google is often touted as one of the best places to work, it’s only limited to regular employees! There are a number of contract-based workers associated with Google, who don’t seemingly enjoy the same privileges that Google’s regular employees get.

This was proved in a case noted by Bloomberg, where the Google Maps contractors in the Seattle area were denied WFH privileges. Google’s labor vendors have reportedly asked contractors to return to offices starting June 6, with no other options left to them.

Contractors who are unsure about the integrity of Google’s health measures at the office – denied working from the office – were reportedly asked to look for another job by Google! Workers having similar concerns have come together to start a petition, asking Google to let them “retain the option to WFH until our concerns are adequately addressed and we have created and approved a flexible plan for all workers in our office.”

In their petition, these contractors have cited various reasons like the rise in childcare costs and commuting, and some even out-rightly mentioned the infeasibility of working at the office anymore. Though Google claims to have left the option for work from the office to workers’ choice, it depends on the nature of contractors’ work and it’s clients’ requirements.

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