Without any prior warning, Google seems to have shut down it’s Earth View collection of wallpapers this week, as the website now returns a 404 error.

These images serve as a screensaver on Chromecast-enabled devices and are also available to set as wallpapers on any device. While we’re waiting for an official update from Google, Earth View’s chrome extension is still live but serves only one wallpaper.

Unprecedented Killing of Google Earth View

Have you ever noticed the beautiful imagery of planet Earth displayed on your Chromecast-enabled device? Especially when it goes idle? These satellite images are part of Google’s Earth View collection, which appears beside the photo submissions from Pixel owners on the Google Arts & Culture page.

Well, Google has reportedly killed this collection as of this week, as several 9to5Google users noticed the Earth View website returning a 404 error, with no update from Google explaining why. While the Earth View’s Chrome extension is still live, it only shows one wallpaper.

Well, this is common for tech giants like Google, which is known for creating and killing projects at a snap whenever it feels. We’ve seen several such projects ended before and now Earth View has joined the list.

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