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Google File which is a file management tool from Google gets a new feature. The file management tool is mainly used to clean up the storage on the device and share any file between android devices.

The app is now getting a feature through which users can protect their files in a pin-protected secure folder. The secure folder will be encrypted when the four-digit pin is set up where users can save there important files like documents and bank details.

The files secured in the secure folder will only be accessible through this folder and will be hidden from other sources like the gallery and file manager. The folder will instantly be locked when the user exits the folder.

Google states that this feature is mainly for those people who share their devices. Many people in the world especially in the women in the developing countries share their phones with their children.

With this, they will be able to secure important files and prevent their children from sharing important data with others. The important files like documents and ID cards etc. will be safe and will be kept prevented from accidental deletion.

If you have some private and confidential images then it will also keep them safe and no one will access them. To access the files in the secure folder one should know the pin which is set at the start.

Restriction to Google Files Feature:

According to Android Police, the files saved in the secure folder will not be accessible from other apps like a gallery or WhatsApp, etc. So it is strictly prohibited to delete the Google Files app or clear the app cache. If you do that all the files saved in the secure folder will be removed.

You can uninstall the app make sure to remove the files from the secure folder and move it to another folder. If you forget the pin then you have no other option to access the data in the secure folder so write down the pin somewhere.

This feature will be slowly rolled out to everyone in the coming months.

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