Google Finds & Blocks Malware Possibly Used To Spy On Android Users

Google Finds & Blocks Malware Possibly Used To Spy On Android Users:


A group of security researchers at Google found and hindered another group of Android malware created by a digital arms organization that may have its underlying foundations in state-supported spying endeavors.

The malware—known as Lipizzan—contained references inside its code to an Israeli tech firm called Equus Technologies, which offers “tailor made solutions for law enforcers and national security associations.”

In the Android Developers Blog, Megan Ruthven of Android Security and Ken Bodzak and Neel Mehta of Google’s Threat Analysis Group itemized the vindictive software, which they called a “multi-organized spyware item.”

The researchers discovered Lipizzan had the capacity to watch and take correspondences from the gadget. The malware could capture a client’s email, SMS messages, area data, voice calls and storage media. It could likewise snap screenshots of the client’s gadget and capture the camera to take pictures or record video.

Lipizzan could take data from various applications including Gmail, Google Hangouts, LinkedIn, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Snapchat, well known applications like WhatsApp and Viber and encrypted applications such as Telegram.

Most upsetting about Lipizzan was that it was found in applications on the Google Play Store camouflaged as a genuine application, like a trojan horse you might say. The malware was regularly found in applications posturing at prominent utilities with names like “Backup”. A wave of applications containing the malware acted like notepad, sound recorder, and alert/alarm applications.

Google Finds & Blocks Malware Possibly Used To Spy On Android Users

At the point when a client would install one of the tainted applications, the application would start to download a “license verification” that would analyze the gadget. On the off chance that the handset met certain criteria, the second phase of Lipizzan would kick in and root the gadget while building up an association with the Command and Control server worked by vindictive personnels to transfer back files.

While the spyware was accessible to download through applications in the Google Play Store, Google detailed that it was not very prominent. As per the organization’s discoveries, less than 100 gadgets had the vindictive applications installed on their gadgets. Google asserted that would make the rate just 0.000007 percent efficient.

Lipizzan and the applications that contain it have been expelled from the Google Play Store, and Google suggests clients make utilization of Google Play Protect, a security suite for Android gadgets.

Google additionally exhorted clients to download applications solely from the Google Play Store instead of from outsider or third party application stores and to cripple installations from obscure sources. Google likewise proposed staying up with the latest security fixes available through software update.

While Google may have disposed of Lipizzan, the organization has kept running into a decent measure of malware escaping everyone’s notice of its Google Play Store.



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