Folding Pixel Phone
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Google’s first Folding Pixel Phone is in development and might come this year. In August last year, the report came out that Google is working on a Folding Pixel Phone for the Fall of 2021.

This year there was news that Samsung will provide the foldable OLED panel to Google for folding Pixel phones. Samsung wins the bid to supply the OLED folding display panels to Google. Now, The Elec a Korean-based publication revealed that Samsung will start production of foldable OLED display panels for Google in October this year. The publication also revealed that in October Samsung will also start production of foldable display panels for Vivo, Xiaomi foldable phones that will also be released in the last quarter of this year.

In 2019, Google published a patent of its own Foldable display. The company told CNET that they have been working on a prototype of a folding phone for quite some time and they didn’t have “a clear use case yet”.

Later it was revealed that the company has a codename “Passport” for its foldable device. Last month 9to5Google also found a reference of a foldable phone in the Android 12 beta version. They also found some other codenames which are believed to be for the Pixel 6 series.

The Elec reported that Samsung will manufacture a single 7.6-inch folding OLED panel that folds inward for the Google Folding Pixel Phone. For Vivo, the company will manufacture an 8-inch main OLED panel and a 6.5-inch outer display panel. The publication didn’t mention the details about the upcoming Xiaomi foldable display.

It is unclear if Samsung will manufacture only Google proposed design and act as a third-party contractor. Samsung has been a contractor for many other OEM’s including its arch-rival Apple.

There is some news as well that Samsung will provide its patented ultra-thin cover glass. Many companies will use this Ultra-thin glass for their display panel and Google also might use it for its foldable pixel phone.

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