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Google is reportedly working on a new feature to let users check the memory usage of individual tabs in Chrome – by just hovering the cursor over them.

Spotted by a Chrome geek, this feature is still in development and may arrive in Chrome 108. When available, this will be the simplest means of checking your tabs’ RAM consumption aside from the current Task Manager feature, available in Chrome by default.

Hover Over to Know Usage Details

Even though Google Chrome is one of the best browsers out there, it’s often criticized for one specific cause – it’s relatively high memory consumption.

Though Chrome is doing a lot through it’s Memory Saver feature, it’s still not enough for the users. Thus, the company is now bringing an ability to easily view which tabs are clogging up all your resources – by just hovering above the concerned tab.

This feature was spotted by Leopeva64 in a new Chromium Gerrit commit, which stated the above functionality. This is supposed to come in Chrome 108, where Google will enable this support by default. Well, until then, users can always use the regular way of knowing the RAM usage statistics of each tab – by going into the three-dot menu > More tools > Task manager or by hitting Shift + Esc on the keyboard.

Though Chrome’s in-built Task Manager gives more information and control over the tabs, finding the right one to handle is a hassle in this view. You need to guess which tab you’re about to make changes to; rather than just jumping into something to tune it.

Thus, having a simple and quick way of realizing the memory usage statistics of active tabs – by just hovering above them – is most welcomed. More details show the feature is still in development, so it may take a while to see this coming live for everyone. Anyway, this feature in addition to the current Memory Saver, will make Chrome more transparent than ever.

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