Google is Making a Dedicated App For Migrating Data Easily Between iOS and Android

To make the migration of data from iOS to Android, Google is working on a new app named “Switch to Android”, which may soon be released on Apple’s Appstore.

This tool works similar to the “Move to iOS” app from Apple, which aims to transfer the data from an Android handset to iPhone. Checking further revealed that the app can transfer WhatsApp chats, apps, and other data.

Making the iOS to Android Migration Easy

With new features and updated hardware coming every year, people are opting for better devices equipping all these. Changing smartphones is one among those, and becoming a general practice.

While it’s easy for you switch to a new handset, shifting all the data from your old device to a new one could be a hassle. This could be more difficult if the old and new OS are different, like iOS and Android. While Apple addresses this by introducing a “Move to iOS” app, the Android community is yet to get one like that.

And filling this hole is Google, which is working on a dedicated app named “Switch on Androidas per XDA developers. They found this evidence by plucking into the latest version of Data Restore Tool, where a bunch of code strings revealed about the new service.

As per them, the user will be asked to download a yet unreleased app on Apple’s Appstore, named “Switch to Android” for migrating their decrypted data from iOS to Android by unlocking it through an iCloud password.

While not much data is available on this yet, further strings revealed that it can help users transfer WhatsApp chats and apps from an iPhone to an Android device. Looking deep, the service may not transfer the WhatsApp chats but redirect users to a guideline set up by WhatsApp for this.

Also, it can transfer and install iOS apps on the new Android device only if their counterparts are available on The Google PlayStore. This app is still in pipeline and may come soon to the iOS store.

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