Google is Offering Employees a Free Electric Scooter to Ease Return to Office

In order to make the return to the office easier, Google is reportedly offering a free 100% reimbursement to Unagi electric scooters for it’s US employees.

More specifically, Google employees living in the US can leverage this benefit from the company, where it partnered with Unagi to offer it’s Model One scooters subscription for free. Employees can use this opportunity similar to Google’s bus shuttle, which offers commuting between campuses, to bus stops to their homes.

A Free Electric Scooter From Google

With the COVID-19 pandemic settling across the US gradually, most companies are resuming their general course of business. And attractive tech companies like Microsoft, Apple, Google, etc are even offering certain perks to lure the employees in returning to the office.

In this pursuit, Google is reportedly offering a free electric scooter to everyone who’s willing to come back to the office. Named the “Ride Scoot” program, Google announced to fully reimburse the cost of the Unagi Model One, a $990 dual-motor scooter that can go upto 15 miles with a top speed of 20mph.

This scooter is termed the best bet in the premium electric scooter segment by Electrek. Well, this offer is only available to Google employees in the US. Announcing this program, Unagi’s CEO David Hyman said,

“They know there’s apprehension amongst employees. People got really accustomed to working from home. And they’re just trying to do everything they can to improve the experience of coming back.”

Unagi was launched last year and has been offering it’s electric scooter for $990 (dual-motor) and $790 (single-motor) variants. Also, it’s offering the same dual-motor scooter for $40/month to those who don’t want to buy the vehicle at once.

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