Google is Rolling Out Real Tone Filters to Search and Photos App

As previously promised, Google is expanding the Real Tone feature to it’s Search and Photos app for all users around the world.

Based on a color scale drafted by a Harvard professor, Google “Real Tone” will recognize diverse colored faces in different lighting conditions to view accurate people of various skin tones better. This is now embedded into Google Search for obtaining refined results and the Photos app to edit faces with more accurate skin tones.

Real Tone Functionality in Google Services

Google first announced the Real Tone feature late last year, which is tagged to the Pixel 6 series. This will let Pixel 6 phones capture a face with a specific skin tone accurately, based on an updated face detection algorithm.

And earlier this month at the I/O event, Google said it’d bring this functionality to Search and Photos app soon. Now, as it promised, Google is rolling out the Real Tone feature to Search and Photos app on the web, Android, and iOS clients.

Users can soon search with specific skin tone selectors to get more refined results. And for Photos app users, this feature will let them customize a facial photo deeply to show more accurate colors. This feature is stuffed into the Filters tab of the Photos image editor and currently has four tones – Playa, Honey, Isla, and Desert.

And whenever a user selects either of these, they’ll be shown a prompt as ‘Made with Real Tone.’ All these colors are based on Dr. Ellis Monk’s scale, a Harvard professor, from whom Google is feeding various skin color data to it’s Real Tone feature.

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