Google is taking measures to ensure that the search information is reliable and accurate. There are many false or fake news and information regarding different topics in this age of technology. The search giant is working to safeguarding users from accessing inappropriate information on Google.

Google started testing a fact-checking mechanism to find out the legitimacy of a search result on a search engine. This mechanism will also ensure the quality of information that is read through the search platform.

This fact-checking mechanism is not very effective in breaking news on different publisher’s platforms. On breaking news, it is very difficult to fact-check and gives the authenticity of the information. With this situation, Google will not ensure the authenticity of the information provided but the search giant will give users the warning.

Later, Google will explain the warning that the information you were searching for was new. This indicates that this fact-checking mechanism needs some time to develop the reliability of the source of information.

Similar to platforms like Facebook and Twitter, Google is implementing a deep learning algorithm to stop the spreading of fake news. Many social media companies are now trying to curb the spreading of fake news from their platforms. These platforms are trying their hard to not become the medium for propaganda-related and fake news.

In a situation like, where Google can’t fact check the search, users will see a prompt message that the information they are searching for is fast evolving. The Silicon Valley giant has said that they started testing this fact-checking mechanism last week. The prompt-up message is just visible for few searches mostly for the developing news stories and trending topics.

Google is the biggest search engine at the moment and this type of feature will further strengthen the trustworthiness of the search engine. They also improved the quality of their search result over the time period.

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