With Android 9.0 pie and AMOLED displays, we have seen the rise of dark mode. Google also introduced dark mode to the majority of its mobile application. Now the search giant is testing dark mode for its Google search on desktop. Some users in select countries have seen dark Google search on the desktop for a short period of time.

Some users shared it on the social media site Reddit that Google was showing dark search results on the web on the desktop. The users are using the browser normally without any extra extension or any flag enabled.

In the new search UI, the background was dark grey while the links are blue/purple and the text was showing in white. Below is the image shared by the Reddit user.

In the image, the Google logo was also painted white while having a dark theme. This indicates that Google Doodles which highlights certain events might also get the color makeover in the dark background.

The user also shared that he experienced this dark theme in both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. The new theme is perfect and without any bugs or crashes and is ready for the global roll-out. So it seems like Google has already worked on it and will roll it out for all the global users shortly.

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