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Google has been working on some features over the past few months for its app ecosystem. One such feature is the addition of the cycling mode in Google Map for the bikers or the people who use a cycle for a daily commute.

A recent blog published by Google states that Google Maps has been updated with the new cycling feature. Google takes assistance for the shared cycle-sharing service Santander Cycles a London based company and Citi Bike a New York-based company.

With the help of these services, Google Maps will show routes for cyclers or bikers and the best route for them to travel on. Both the above-mentioned bike rental services provide an extra transportation opportunity for the daily commuters.

These services provide solar-powered specially designed bikes that are locked in a docking station and can be unlocked via the app when the payment is paid. The bike docking stations are installed by these bike rental services and contain thousands of bikes and are precedent all around the city. These can be accessed at a regular interval of the gap.

Companies have different terms and conditions for the renting of these bikes and mostly these are available 24 hours a day. The payment options can also vary, a user can avail of a membership for the year or a month or can pay the hourly rent for the bike.

With this new feature, Google adds the location for the nearest docking station for the people who are walking on the roads.

Demand for Cycling in Google Map

Additionally, the commuters will also be given information about the next docking station or all the docking stations that would come before he reaches its destination. Walking distance between the docking station and the user’s destination will also be provided in Google Maps.

The addition of this feature is a brilliant move as many cities are promoting commuting via cycle. Due to the ongoing pandemic of the COVID-19 or due to the pollution created by the smoke of vehicles.

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This mode is transportation is more environmentally friendly and can reduce air pollution. Additionally, it is also effective in the current scenario of COVID-19 as with this people don’t have to wait for the bus or train at the station and can avoid gathering occur due to public transport.

It will also become a source of exercise as cycling is helpful in building stamina and improves health especially the lungs which are most affected by the novel coronavirus.

Cycling also helps users to reach their destination hassle-free and Google also reported an increase in the request by the users for the cycling mode in the Google Map. This exhibits the user’s keen interest in the easy and convenient mode of transportation and will also help them to remain fit. Just like the ride-sharing services (Uber and Lyft), there are startups that are working on the bike-sharing services.

As far the availability is concerned, this new feature will be available in the 10 cities at the moment which includes New York City, Taipei, Washington DC, Sao Paulo, London, Mexico City, The San Francisco Bay area, Montreal, Rio De Janerio and Chicago.

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