Google Maps Can Now Display Air Quality Index of Certain Regions

As announced in March last year, Google is finally rolling out the Air Quality Index layer to certain areas on it’s Maps app.

Enabling this layer will show a pop-up of AQI scores of various places in a given area, where users can check how healthy or hazardous the quality of air there is. This data is collected from government agencies and some local air quality providers to be displayed on maps.

Checking Air Quality Of An Area

In the world of factories and vehicles producing constant pollution, air quality is something that most people worry about. Some areas have become so hazardous that it’s termed by several agencies that living in high AQI areas is similarly harmful to smoking cigarettes daily.

Thus, in order to let people know about the AQI (Air Quality Index) in various regions, Google rolled out a new AQI layer in Maps today. This was previously announced last year, where a dedicated layer will be used to help users track the live AQI scores in their areas.

Google rolled this to it’s Nest Hubs last year while also adding them to the search results in April this year. And now, adding this to Maps will help travelers make a better decisions on visiting places with higher AQI scores. Although, this seems to be available only in particular areas for now – India, Australia, and the USA.

If you’re living in any of these countries, open the Maps app, select Layers, and enable the Air Quality option to see the AQI layer over maps. This will display AQI scores drawn from government agencies like the EPA and some hyper-local air quality data providers like PurpleAir.

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