Google Maps Adds Ability to Show Estimated Toll Fees

One of the widely used apps from Google’s suite – Maps, has just touched 10 billion downloads-mark on Google PlayStore.

This is a record on its own, as it becomes the only third app to do so after Google Play Services and YouTube. Google’s regular development and Maps being the default navigation app in Android Auto are a few reasons why Maps become so popular.

Maps to The 10-Billion Mark!

Google Maps is Download Over 10 Billion Times in Google PlayStore

Google Maps is one of the highly resourceful apps with community-added data. From pinning new places to routing, Google Maps has been extremely helpful for many in various ways. And this is what made the service so popular, as it was downloaded over 10 billion times in Google PlayStore, to date.

This was recorded as per Google’s PlayStore data. Google Maps crossed the 5 billion download mark in March 2019 and just took less than 3 years to earn double of it. The success could be catered to Google’s continued development of the service, by considering the feedback from the community.

Just recently, Google pushed an update to Maps on Android to make navigation easy for right-hand drivers in cars. And yeah, Android Auto too is one of the major reasons for Google Maps growth, as it relies on Maps application for default navigation service.

Though Google is replacing the Android Auto with driving mode, Google Maps continue to be the default option for navigation. Although, many are setting it by will/manual since they are accustomed to it. Even the iPhone users!

With the 10-billion milestone, Google Maps becomes the third app in this group after Google Play Services and YouTube.

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