Google Maps Introduces COVID-19 Layer for Better Decision Making
Google Maps Introduces COVID-19 Layer for Better Decision Making

In pursuit of helping citizens amidst this pandemic, Google has added an important feature to its Maps platform. Called as “COVID-19 Info“, this new Maps layer will colour code the map of all states and countries based on their recently recorded COVID-19 cases. This data can be useful for making more informed decisions. Google updates this data procured from various public sources.

Google Maps Gets a COVID-19 Info Layer

Google has tuned its Maps platform to be a helpful resource for users in the current pandemic. It let businesses to easily change the timings of their stores, highlighted medical centres nearby etc. While all these are significantly helpful for users, Google has just added yet another feature to help even further.

Named as COVID-19 Info, these new maps can be activated in the Maps section. It will shade every region (state or country) from dark yellow/orange to light based on the recently recorded COVID-19 cases. As seen below, the numbers on the colour coded map define the number of COVID-19 cases per 100,000 in that region.

COVID-19 Info layer by Google
COVID-19 Info layer by Google

Also, there’s a trend line (falling/rising) set aside the number showing the recent trend of recordings. These readings can help users planning to travel to those areas about their situation, and also for anyone planning anything there. Google says to update these numbers taken from the public sources like Wikipedia, John Hopkins University, The New York Times etc.

These sources, in turn, gets updated from the several regional government agencies. Though Google introduced this feature yesterday, it would be rolling to Android and iOS users this week, and the PC users may get this later or not at all. Better update your Maps app in your phone to check the latest feature.

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