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Google has announced an important feature update to its video conferencing platform – Google Meet. It will now let users filter out the background noises to make your voice more clear and audible. While this feature was available in desktop clients already, it’s now rolling to Android and iOS clients. Google said this feature is available for G Suite Enterprise and Education packages but not the Basic ones.

Google Meet Gets Noise Filtering Support in Android and iOS

Since everyone was restricted to homes since the start of pandemic lockdowns, every company has risen up with their own video conferencing platforms to cash on users quarantine periods. Among those, Google has been heavily pushing its users to use their native platform, Google Meet.

It has adjoined it in Gmail app forcibly in its latest update. Though it can be disabled, it’s polishing the platform with new features and making the general processes like attaching media simpler to be liked by users. While Google’s Duo may be killed for the sake of Meet, it’s reasonable since users can do a lot many things in Meet than in Duo.

And now, it’s bringing a much-needed feature – noise filtering to its Android and iOS clients after introducing it first in PC client. Google said it “will automatically remove distracting sounds from your mobile device’s audio input while still letting your voice through.” Also, there’s no need for an admin to activate this, as it’s available for everyone.

While this feature remains OFF by default, users should activate it to see the results. Starting September 28th, it will be rolled out to everyone in 3 days, where users can at least see it in their apps. Also, it’s available only for the G Suite Enterprise and G Suite Enterprise for Education customers, but not to G Suite Basic, G Suite Business, G Suite for Education, and G Suite for Nonprofits customers.

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