Google Meet Gets Voice Indicator to Show Your Ambience Noise Levels

Google recently added support for expanding the number of co-hosts in a video call on its Meet platform, which should make handling the chores easier.

Now, there can be upto 25 co-hosts in a video call and split the works among them. Also, there’s a Quick Access and People section that came in for easier management of moderation works.

Google Meet Gets New Moderation Features

Google Meet Video Call Can Now Have Upto 25 Co-hosts

Since video conferencing solutions are becoming a need for daily communications and work, they need to have proper moderation systems in place to avoid unwanted intrusions.

These can be limiting the participation and other functions of participants, by the host who should manage the whole thing alongside the actual work. As this grows to be burdensome for a single host, Google introduced a set of new features on its Meet platform, to make it easier for hosts to manage the call.

These include – allowing upto 25 co-hosts, who get the same powers/privileges as the main moderator to handle the jobs like muting participants, launching polls, managing Q&As, etc, while letting the speaker focus on actual business.

Until now, this limit of 25 co-hosts is available only on Google Workspace for Education customers. But now, it’s open for all Google Meet apps across desktop and mobile, with personal Google account users included.

Further, new managing rules include the hosts deciding who can join and how, limiting the sharing of the screen and sending chat messages, muting participants with one click, and ending the meeting at once, for all.

There’s now a Quick Access service that allows people of the same domain to join the meeting automatically, provided that they’re invited by the host. If this is disabled, the host joins the meeting first and pulls them in, or lets them request permission for admitting in.

At last, there’s a new People section that will let hosts search for specific participants in the meeting, and apply moderation rules specific to them. All these features will be coming to Google Meet on Web next week, and to Android and iOS clients at the end of this month.

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