Google One Free VPN Now Available For Eligible Users Across the Globe

Google has announced a free VPN service for its Google One subscribers last month. Now, it revealed that to be going alive, and will be available for everyone across the world. A thing to note here is that it’s free for only those users who subscribed for 2TB plans and higher, and be sharable among several members if it’s a family plan.

Google One’s Free VPN Starts Rolling Out

Google is making its Google One suite more attractive by adding several resources every now and then. The company was found to be making some premium editing features in its Photos app, which could be available to those who subscribed to Google One. Also, it’s been bundling free Stadia Pro subscriptions along with the suite.

Google One Free VPN
Google One Free VPN

And now, it’s rolling out a free VPN service to eligible users, which it announced late last month. It said the users who subscribed to a plan of 2TB and higher will be able to get a free VPN. The Google One subscriptions are actually intended for increasing the storage limit of their Drive and now adds essential features periodically.

Now, eligible users will be able to see a prompt of VPN in their Google One Android app homepage, which comes with a toggle button to activate. Upon activating the service, users will see a key icon in the status bar saying their data traffic is being encrypted, thus protected. What VPN actually does is to mask one’s IP address, and reroute the traffic across various servers before reaching and showing up the intended results.

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