US Attorneys General Sue Google For Deceptive Location Tracking

As per reports, a class-action lawsuit was filed against Apple and Google in the US, alleging the companies for making agreements that violate the local antitrust laws.

The plaintiff class accused that Google is paying Apple for staying as a priority search engine on all of the Apple devices. Also, Google pays Apple to stop itself from making a native search engine. Thus, the plaintiffs now ask the court to break their internal contracts.

A Secret Contract Between Google and Apple

Google Pays Apple to Bar the iPhone Maker From Building its Own Search Engine

Earlier, we’ve seen Apple admit receiving payments from Google for making its search engine default in Safari, while also allowing users to set other search engines of their choice. But, a group of plaintiffs in the US are now alleging the involved companies for doing so.

As per them, Google paying Apple to remain as default or priority search engine across its Apple devices is a violation of anti-trust rules. Also, they alleged that Google is paying Apple to bar the iPhone maker from developing its own search engine!

All such practices are pushing the growing competitors out of the market, says, plaintiffs. Further, they’re resulting in increased advertising rates than in a competitive system. Thus, they now ask the court to cancel such agreements between Apple and Google, for a free market.

Also, the plaintiffs are suggesting a breakup of Google and Apple, similar to Standard Oil Company from the early 20th century. Which asking for an injunction into antitrust agreements seemed reasonable, if there’s anything of such, asking for a breakup of these companies seemed unreasonable.

This is because the Standard Oil Company back then was controlling a whopping 91% of the whole oil production in the US, and nearly 84% of final oil products. Apple today, though being the richest company, holds less than 10% market share in computers and less than 50% in the phones segment.

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