Google is Rolling Out Real Tone Filters to Search and Photos App

Google is reportedly testing additional filtering support on its Photos app, which lets users further filter out the searches made in the app. Leaks of this feature show this is a mere server-side update, rather a futuristic feature after updating the version. Thus, when rolled out, users can make more filtered searches like a person’s selfies, screenshots, etc for quicker finding.

Google Photos Extended Filtering

Google Photos is already embedded with several features to help us store, organize and view our memories. But with the increase of such memories demands more searching work. As this can become a growing struggle, Google addressed this issue with filtering options like – favorites, videos, selfies, collages, animations, movies, creations, screenshots, archived, and motion photos.

While this is significantly helpful to find relevant ones among the clutter, Google is testing a new feature to make our lives easier. This is deep filtering, an extended search of the current filtering feature in Google Photos. According to Android Police, this support isn’t specific to any version but available for testing to a selected number of people.

Google Photos filtering
Google Photos filtering

As this seems to be a server-side update, we cannot do anything but to wait until Google rolls out to everyone. And when available, Google Photos users can find the desired content with deep filtering. For example, a search made on the person’s name as “Akiedo Fung” will render all the photo and video collections related to him. But to find more specific records of him like Akiedo Fung’s selfies, screenshots, animations, videos, etc, you’ll be shown a menu to filter the results further.

This should hopefully solve the problem of browsing through hundreds or even thousands of collections you have in your Photos app, and render the results faster.

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