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Google Photos is the most essential apps for many of us and is the Go-to gallery option for Pixel devices and devices with stock android. It is among the most downloaded and used Google apps for both Android and iOS.

Since its launch in 2015, Google photos have offered free unlimited photos backup from devices at HD quality. Now the search giant has decided to charge for the storage for photos when the free storage of 15GB will be completely used. This new policy will apply to all Google accounts on 1st June 2021. This new policy will apply to other Google Drive services like Google Docs and sheets documents. Once the free 15GB storage will be used no photos will be back up nor documents will be saved.

Another new policy will be introduced along with it is deleting all the data of inactive accounts. The data of Google accounts that haven’t been accessed for two years will be deleted automatically.

This new policy will not be applied to photos and documents uploaded before the due date which is 1st June 2021. It is up to you now to choose any other cloud storage or continue with Google photos for all your photos and documents.

This policy does not apply to all pixel devices owners as they can continue Google Photos as usual. After 1st June 2020, they will upload photos in high quality to Google Photos without using their 15GB free storage.

Google claims that they are already offering more storage than its competitors. In comparison, Apple and Microsoft offer only 5GB of free storage for iCloud and One drive respectively. And according to the search engine giant, more than 80% of users haven’t hit the 15GB free storage yet.

Users will get the alert notification when they are near that 15GB storage mark. Another new update that will come to Google Photos is the new storage management tool. This tool helps users to manage their storage and easily find and delete all the unwanted photos.

Additionally, with this update, the “Personalized estimate” option will also be coming in the photos app. This option will tell an estimated amount of time, how much will it take users to reach that storage mark. The estimated time is calculated based on the user’s average upload in a period.

This new policy is maybe Google wants more users to sign up for their new Google one storage. A VPN is also added in the Google one storage for their higher subscription package. And the company is also linking more of its product with the one storage.

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