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Google photos is among the best app the search engine giant has ever developed. Over the years, the app has gone through many changes and many new features were introduced in the app.

Now there are chances that Google Photos will go through some modifications and also might get the enhanced search feature. This enhanced search feature will use the image filter and meta tags to search the accurate image/video from the library/gallery.

This new enhanced search feature was spotted by a well-known researcher Jane Manchun. Jane also posted a tweet with some screenshots showcasing how the new search feature in Google Photos will work.

When we tap on the search field in the Google photo app to search a picture/video, a new option “Filter” will appear beneath the search bar. In the filter options, users can search choose between “Video”, “Motion Photos” and “Selfies”.

Additionally, users will be able to search and view any of the archived pictures using these search filters.

Users can also select the specific location or search tag to narrow down the search result and get the most accurate images which match the search terms. This will reduce the search time as users don’t need to have to scroll to the list of images to find the one they are looking for. This enhanced search feature also increases the efficiency of the Google Photos app.

With “Tags” users can write a certain part of the images and the desired image will appear in the search.

Right now, it is unclear whether this enhanced search feature is only Pixel specific like some of the android features or it will be available for all the Google Photos app users. It is also unclear when this search feature will be publicly available.

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