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Google Play Store search feature is quite confusing when you are trying to find some app. It is a bit funny as the Play store search is developed by the world’s biggest search engine who has indexed billions of pages till now.

There are a number of apps on the play store that is designed for the same purpose and it confuses one with another. Google has been working on the play store search filter that seems to solve this problem.

Previously, Google announced that it has been working on the play store filter feature. However, this feature didn’t make public for everyone, and the idea diminished after some time.

Making the users wonder whether this feature will again appear on the surface. This year in May, these filters made a comeback with the new look. These filter options are gradually being made available for the users.

Many users have reported that they find the new filter option for the play store on different devices and in many countries. Google implements this feature on the server ends so that it is available on the slightly older version. As it is available for version v21.0.17 which launched on July 15.

Google Play Store Search Filter Options:

The filters seem to be inconsistent as there are sometimes 4.5+ filter and no other option. Sometimes it shows both the 4.0+ and 4.5+ filter options. The premium apps or the new apps option also appears sometimes.

Google Play Store Search

If you are searching for apps relating to brand or hugely popular apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, Outlook, etc… then there is no filter option for these apps and it makes some sense.

Because these apps already appear on the top of the results when you find them. When you search for utilities such as email clients, cleaners, wallpapers tools, etc… then these filters will appear below the search bar.

With the filter options, you will be able to select as many as the available filter to scrutinize your search result.

As of now, these filters are limited. As I haven’t seen any filter related to free apps or add free apps that are in the interest of Google more than the users. There is also no filters available for the app size, top apps, or download a number of apps.

Via: Android Police

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