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Google has filed a secret document to the FCC seeking permission for conducting an experimental 6GHz wireless testing. The redacted document pointed by Business Insider points the California based company is planning these trails in 17 US states, and may possibly bring under its Google Fiber services in future if seemed reliable and faster.

Google to Test 6GHz Wireless Connections

The wireless internet, which we often call as Wi-Fi has developed over five generations to give us fair internet connections to date. And now, it’s moving onto the next update – 6GHz. Google seems to be the first company trailing with the new standard in the US, as it was found seeking permission from FCC earlier this week.

Spotted by Business Insider, the document was redacted by Google, as if “it is subject to public disclosure, would cause significant commercial, economic, and competitive harm.” It’s noted that the 6GHz spectrum could bring faster and reliable connections than the current standards, 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

In the document, Google asked permission for “experimental propagation testing in the 6GHz band,” to see how these new frequencies can be reliable broadband connections. The 17 states it’s intending trail are Illinois, California, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Kansas, Florida, Arizona, New York, Georgia, Oregon, Virginia, Nebraska, Colorado, Iowa, Nevada, Utah and Texas.

The tests will be conducted over a span of 24 months without interfering to other authorized users connections. If found reliable, this new spectrum will be offered commercially to end-users and institutions under the Google Fiber. There are Wi-Fi routers from a few OEMs that are capable of transmitting 6GHz waves and are waiting for the right partners to launch.

The new 6GHz has the same theoretical download link speed as the current 5GHz but will be stronger and faster. Combined with the new technology of 5G, these new technologies can shape the future of IoT, automatic cars and many other services.

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