Google Prompts All Users to Migrate to a Flatter-Based Google Pay App
Google Prompts All Users to Migrate to a Flatter-Based Google Pay App

After framing India’s version of Google Pay app on Flutter, Google is now gearing up to push this version to others globally. Few screenshots shared by XDA’s Mishaal Rahman shows the new prompt button in the existing Google Pay app, asking users to download the “new Google Pay app” from Playstore. This new Flutter based app makes it easier for developers to maintain the same UI across platforms.

Google Pay New App Based on Flutter

Google has revamped its payments app, Google Pay with several new features including the Dark Mode and NFC support recently. While these are openly noticeable, a core change made by the maker is its code.

The company has recreated the Google Pay based on Flutter, Google’s own cross-platform application framework, which makes it easier for developers to create apps functional on multiple platforms. To say, the app created by a developer to work on Android needs no tweaking to make it work on iOS.

Google has made this type of Google Pay app available for India, which follows the Flutter based Google Pay unlike the rest of the world. And now, Google is promoting everyone to migrate to this new app. This was spotted by Mishaal Rahman of XDA developers, who shared screenshots of the prompts from Google, asking users to install the “new Google Pay app.”

Clicking on the install button takes the user to the Indian version of Google Pay app in Playstore, which is currently area-restricted and may soon open up for everyone. The Flutter based app means ensuring the uniformity of the app’s interface across Android and iOS, also making the updates deployed easier.

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