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After announcing the plan for displaying data safety disclosure forms in May, Google has now shown a preview of that on The PlayStore.

This shows a drop-down menu containing various data points a user can see, from location to username and email to browsing history. All these are supposed to be filled by the app developer, and submitted before the feature goes live in May next year.

Android Data Safety Disclosure Policy

Google Published a Preview of Data Safety Disclosure Widget in PlayStore

Late last year, Apple introduced a new App Tracking Transparency policy to let iPhone and iPad users know what data the app developers are collecting from them. This has been a huge hit, as many have opted for it and barred apps that were found collecting unnecessary data.

Just months after that, Google announced a similar policy for Play Store, called the Data Safety Disclosure Policy, which it said will be coming soon. Today, the company has shared a widget preview of what it looks like. As per it, the widget will be displayed right above the reviews section, and have a drop-down menu to see clearly all the data points.

These include the username, location, browsing history, email address, etc collected from the user, which all need to be displayed on the app’s page of Play Store.

Alongside mentioning the types of data being collected, developers are also supposed to mention how it’s being used. And they’re given time until May 2022 to comply with this new policy, after which they’ll be barred from passing updates to their apps.

This new data safety widget will not be live until February 2022, so developers have plenty of time to submit the disclosures. The form is already out on Play Console, and Google even provided a guide for getting started. Developers with multiple apps having similar data collection behavior can download a profile that can pre-fill subsequent applications for faster processing.

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