Google Says the Screen Gaps in Pixel 5 Phones are Normal
Google Says the Screen Gaps in Pixel 5 Phones are Normal

Clearing out the air, a Google spokesperson has revealed that the screen gaps reported in Pixel 5 handsets are just normal! And they don’t have any effect on the device’s IP68 rating for water and dust resistance. This was seen as an issue by the users who took to support forms to share their concerns and confused whether it was actually manufactured so or been coming off gradually.

Pixel 5 Screen Gap is an Intended Design

As we’ve reported earlier, many Pixel 5 users are reporting of an intriguing screen gap issue in their handsets, in both Pixel Phone product forum and XDA Forum. They shared screenshots of a slight gap between the bio resin-coated aluminium frame and the screen’s plastic bumper. While some noted this at around the camera, some showed it on the sides.

Gaps in Pixel 5
Gaps in Pixel 5

Whatever, everyone has the same concern in how this could affect the phone in near future. While being confused about this setting, they were worried about the leaking in of water and dust. Complaints if such has been increasing gradually, making it a notable issue. While a none from Google have noted this earlier, a spokesperson from the company has now responded to the queries as;

Hi Pixel Community,
We’ve had a chance to investigate units from customers and, combined with our quality control data from the factory, we can confirm that the variation in the clearance between the body and the display is a normal part of the design of your Pixel 5. There is no effect on the water and dust resistance or functionality of your phone. We will work with customers on an individual basis to address any concerns they may have.

Thus, we can now relax considering it as an intended physical design and doesn’t have any effect on the device. Although, users who use a case at the rear will cover the gaps with its lip ending, thud safe.

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