Google Added a New Tool to Let You Remove PII From Search Results

Google is updating the search page to soon include train ticket bookings, similar to how you check and book flights, now. This experience is coming to select countries, soon expanding to include bus ticket bookings too.

Further, it’s adding a new ‘Emissions’ filter to the search results to show the low-emission flights for eco-friendly travel. A similar ‘Eco-friendly’ filter is added to the hotel search, too, to spot and highlight the eco-certified hotels for greener travel.

Eco-Friendly Traveling With Google Search

After flight bookings, Google is soon adding support to train ticket booking to it’s Search page. Users can soon select their boarding and destination station or a relevant train number to check it’s track route, timings, and prices for booking.

Tapping on a feasible result will take you to the concerned agency to complete the booking. While it’s a useful addition, Google is rolling out to select countries initially – with Japan and several European countries like Germany, Italy, and Spain.

This will soon be expanded to include more countries and options, aside from adding support for bus ticket bookings too! Aside from these, Google is also ramping up it’s eco-friendly travel options by including a new “Emissions” option in the search results, which will filter out the “low emissions” flights – that you can choose to proceed with for better eco-friendly travel.

All such low emissions flights will bear a small badge and be shown comparatively to the average trips of others. Aside from this, Google is also transforming the hotel search by showing the new “Eco-friendly” filter in results.

This information was gathered from organizations like U.S. Green Building Council and Global Sustainable Tourism Council to help you choose eco-friendly hotels for greener travel. These ideas align with the recent updates to the Maps app, where Google started showing the most efficient routes based on the engine type.

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