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After years of requesting, Google is finally bringing the password editing feature directly in Chrome browser’s settings. This announcement was updated by Google in the feature request of Issue Tracker site, where the maker said it has previously ignored this for working on other better projects. While this feature is not available for everyone yet, Chrome beta users can try it.

Google Confirms Password Editing in Chrome Browser

Google has embedded a password manager in its Chrome browser back in 2014. Though it was liked by the community in many ways, several users have requested for support to edit their saved passwords directly in the browser’s settings, instead of redirecting to a new page for doing that.

As of now, Google redirects users to for changing their saved passwords. But if you wanted to modify them in your Chrome’s settings (desktop or phone) directly, you should be deleting the previously saved password and re-login into the concerned site with new credentials.

Else, you can try logging into the site without using the saved credentials, but by typing them manually and saving them when Chrome asked for saving the changes. Since this is uncomfortable to many, some have requested Google to introduce support for changing the credentials in Chrome’s Settings directly.

Edit password support
Edit password support

And when Google started pushing their password manager to more users as possible, they also starred considering this feature. And now, an update to this request in the Issue Tracker said, “This is a feature request that was just blocked on overall prioritization in the past. With Chrome 69 we’ve launched UI changes that make settings/passwords more visible – so the context has changed a bit. We’ll reconsider as part of quarterly planning, and I’ll share an update afterwards.”

While the maker is currently working on it to make it possible for everyone, users have to wait for some time since it’s still under development. But, interested people can try out using the Chrome Beta builds by following steps;

  1. Visit the chrome://flags/#edit-passwords-in-settings page in Chrome Beta for Desktop or Android.
  2. Enable the “Edit passwords in settings” and Relaunch the browser when prompted.

Once restarted, you can navigate to the chrome://settings/passwords page, find out your desired password to be changed and click on the three vertical dots menu and select ‘”Edit password” to edit it. Since this is still in development, it may have few bugs and users can test this feature starting Chrome v86, which is rolling out next week to all.

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