Google Maps public profile
Google Maps public profile

Google has today turned one of its most appealing services, into a partial social media platform! After trailing with the idea for a while, Google Maps will now be featuring social media-like home page and profiles to share details and reviews about places one visits. Users can follow each other to stay updated, and this upgrade is rolled out to everyone globally.

Google Maps Turns Into a Social Media!

Google Maps public profile
Google Maps public profile

Google Maps has been a reliable handy service for travelers across the world. It’s so resourceful that, several companies are now using Maps API to embed its data to track and learn movements of their products and people. Keeping all these use cases in mind, Google has also been constantly developing the Maps regularly.

And now, as a major upgrade, Google Maps has just turned into a partial social media platform! Google has been trailing with this idea since last year, and now rolls out as a full-fledged service to everyone across the globe. Here, the Local Guides, the freaks to travel and review things often and update them on Google Maps, are given dedicated profile pages to let others follow them.

Similar to Facebook and Twitter, profile herein comes with a display picture and a biodata space. Users can follow each other (after being eligible) and share pictures and reviews of their experiences on Maps. These will be showing up in the feed, in the section of “Updates”, which can be found at far right of the bottom menu bar.

While there are no options for linking of commenting on the posts (pictures), you can still report or share them as done in other platforms. Moreover, users can make their profiles public or private as desired. If public, your profile will be shown to everyone to follow. And in private, you can manually approve requests.

Aside these, users can also filter the type of content they wanted to see in the Updates section. For example, one can set preferences to avoid explicit content or certain unwanted products to be shown. Similarly, one can set specific areas or follow desired topics to get updates on them.

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