Google has made a dedicated webpage for this,

Making most out of the AI, Google has just made a tool to compose poems for anyone. Named Verse by Verse, this webpage tool is based on Machine Learning and takes few inputs from users to compose a whole poem. Users should be selecting their interested poets, a number of syllables, rhyme scheme, form, and just the first line to let Google do the rest.

Google’s New Poetry Tool

Google has made a dedicated webpage for this,Google’s AI team has been exploring the use of cases of AI and Machine Learning for a long time. While it’s putting them to some really important cases, it’s also tuning them for fun sometimes. And here’s it, yet another tool that’s really amusing – Verse by Verse.

Verse by Verse is a Machine Learning based poetry tool, that needs minimal inputs to make a whole poem out of it. Google has made a dedicated webpage for this, where users can visit and start by picking any three of the given poets. As of now, there are 24 American poets listed including Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman, and Sidney Lanier.

After choosing the inspirational poets, you’d asked for selecting the poem form, rhythm scheme, and number of syllables you wanted in a line. Also, you should be feeding the first line of your poem too. Based on this and other inputs you have given, Google will start composing the rest of the poem relatively and creatively.

Google said that “Verse by Verse is an experimental AI-powered muse that helps you compose poetry inspired by classic American Poets.” While we hope Google extends this to more poets from around the world, starting with them is not bad either.

It’s said the tool works on two machine learning models to do the work. One which is already trained on the poems of popular classical poets, and the second one for composing the rest of the poem using its trained dataset and inputs given by the user.

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