Google Wants You to Train Their Voice Assistant to be More Perfect

Google’s voice assistant is really one of the handy tools we need in our daily lives. This hands-free solution is helpful for various petty tasks, like setting an alarm or calling your friends without the need of using your hands or fingers. But, it’s not that perfect at times when understanding new typical words. Thus, Google wants users to make their voice assistants learn the new words, to have a better hassle-free experience.

Google Voice Assistant Getting Better

Our lives without voice assistants could be harder, as we rely on them for various purposes every day. Google Voice Assistant, in particular, is available in millions, if not billions of devices around the world. This helps users to handle their devices hands-free, like calling a friend or replying to a text, or opening an app.

While Google is refining it to be more sophisticated gradually, it’s the new and typical content that hardens the assistant’s work. Having regional names that are less popular saved in your contact book and asking Google’s Voice Assistant to make a call to one of them, may not sometimes turn out as we expected.

Thus, Google wants us to train our own voice assistants to be more helpful. This is to speak to your assistant with the unique names and let it remember for the future without saving your voice records. Google rolled this support to English users first and soon be coming to others languages.

Apart from this, it also trained the voice assistant to be more understanding of your requests, in setting alarms and timers. Using the BERT technology, it will now wait to let you make proper decisions and then command it. For example, you may want to set a timer for 10 minutes and did, but later want to cut it to 5 minutes. Your voice assistant will be more understanding in such cases and does it without any hassle.

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