Google Pixel 6a
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Years after launching a Pixel phone, Google said it’s bringing the latest Pixel 6a to India sometime later this year.

This was confirmed at it’s I/O 2022 event, where Google announced other Pixel products and software updates. Google skipped the entire Pixel 5 lineup and Pixel 4 and 4 XL in India. With Pixel 6a, this will be the first Pixel phone coming to India in almost two years.

Google Pixel 6a in India

Citing global supply and demand issues, Google skipped the Pixel 4, 4 XL, and the entire Pixel 5 series in India. This makes only the Pixel 4a the last Google affordable mobile launched in India since August 2020.

Though we see Pixel 6 in India, that’s floating around Rs.50,000 – a segment that’s only looked on by the premium community. Further, one of the reasons Google mentioned for skipping Pixel phones is because of the Soli radar chip which uses the 60GHz spectrum, and that was not available for commercial use in India.

Aside from this, the local competition from Chinese OEMs is a major cause too. While the premium segment in India is served by Apple, Samsung and OnePlus, the budget and midrange are mostly handled by Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi and Realme brands.

Though Samsung recently broke this monopoly, it’s still a hard thing for others like Google, who cannot gain market share unless it prices it’s phones under Rs.30,000. Yet, it’s hoping to make a mark by bringing the Pixel 6a to India.

As announced in the latest I/O event, Google said it will launch the Pixel 6a in India sometime later this year. Pricing for this isn’t known yet, but we expect it to be around the global range of $449.

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