Russia Penalized Google For $358 Million Citing Content Violations

Google’s cybersecurity team released a report detailing a malicious campaign, where threat actors are using compromised Google accounts for mining cryptocurrencies on Google Cloud.

Google’s report mentioned that these threat actors are using phishing campaign as their attacking vectors, luring people in various means to hand over their credentials. Google warned them to be vigilant and secure.

Mining on Google Cloud

Hackers Are Using Google Cloud For Mining Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency mining is a highly resource-intensive task, which needs high-performing hardware to mint coins at a rate leveling with other peers in the network. This could hardly be lucrative if one is doing such on average hardware, so malicious people depend on others to mine coins for themselves.

Hackers are doing the same too, and it’s called Cryptojacking. The latest report – Threat Horizonfrom Google’s cybersecurity team revealed that hackers are using Google Cloud for mining cryptocurrencies! And this is done through compromising Google accounts of people all over the world

Google said that threat actors like Fancy Bear, a Russian APT was spotted sending phishing emails, where they’re scaring people about being hacked by a state-backed hacker, so need to log into their Google account for securing. And they passed on a phishing site to lodge entered credentials.

Also, there were North Korean hackers targeting information security people in South Korea, asking for details on the name of offering jobs. All these credentials are immediately used for accessing and inserting a cryptocurrency miner, for mining coins.

Google said that, in more than 86% of cases where the accounts were compromised, hackers dumped a cryptocurrency miner in just 22 seconds to start on their works. This is how fast the threat actors were to exploit stolen accounts.

They do this to victim’s Google Cloud account, which is a remote online storage service, letting users save data and files securely. As these are run on high-performing hardware owned by Google, they’re chosen by hackers for this mining work.

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