Samsung reportedly got hacked by the same group that previously leaked Nvidia’s data. Lapsus$ is behind this cyberattack on Samsung and the group claims that they have stolen 190 GB of important and confidential data from the South Korean conglomerate. The same group has previously hacked 1 GB worth of important data from Nvidia which includes the DLSS code.

Bleeping Computer reported first about this news and the publication also claims that the hackers also got Samsung’s internal source code as well. The publication reported that ‘extortion gang’ Lapsus$ hacked Samsung data and they also published screenshots of the company’s source code online.

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The hackers first shared the details of what they have extracted from the company’s server and later they published the complete source code online in a zip file. The complete source code is 190 GB and is now available to download on torrent sites, according to the reports. On torrents site, there are more than 400 peers that are sharing this confidential information and as per Lapsus$, it will increase the download speed.

The data which leaked online contains all biometric unlock operations, confidential data from Qualcomm, source code behind bootloader for newer Galaxy flagship devices, Samsung’s algorithms, and other confidential data. The leaked data also contains the whole source code of the technology that the company uses to authenticate Samsung’s account. If all the above mention data leaked online then this could do a lot of damage to Samsung.

South Korean publication, The Korean Herald reported that the company is assessing all the situation. The hackers didn’t make any demand or announcement yet and we hope that the company comes up with a statement or press release to clear things up.

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