Malicious Email Campaign Spreading Data Stealing Trojans Spotted in Wild

As reported by BleepingComputer with the help of KELA, a number of hackers are selling network access to several Remote Management softwares from all over the world. Especially, a hacker seen active is selling the access to Zoho’s ManageEngine Desktop Central, a platform for deploying patches and troubleshooting. The total value of all sellers offers is estimated to be over $150,000!

Access to Remote Networks For Further Exploitation

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) softwares have gained traction in recent times since everyone was pushed back to their homes. With heavy reliance on them without realising the consequences of improper utilisation, hackers saw an opportunity to exploit them for their own good.

Video conferencing apps like Zoom, Cisco’s WebEx, Microsoft Teams etc have recorded a number of vulnerabilities to be exploited. Zoho’s ManageEngine Desktop Central is no exception. It’s a management platform to deploy patches (or regular software updates) automatically by an administrator to all the devices on the network. It’s also used for remote troubleshooting via desktop sharing.

Hackers selling access
Hackers selling access

Access to this is being sold by a hacker, who is active in a Russian-speaking forum. This was spotted by KELA, a cyber intelligence firm. It told BleepingComputer that, there are at least 53 accesses being sold for a cumulative price of $150,000. Also, the hacker isn’t exclusively selling the RMM accesses, but also access to domains and login credentials to over 1,000 RDP servers in China.

While the estimated profit of the seller is touted to be about $33,800, KELA says the amount could be higher since many have been invited for private bidding. While the exact method of exploiting this feature isn’t revealed yet, KELA said the hackers are selling accesses to these softwares based in various companies from around the world.

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