Twitter edit option is the most requested feature from the users and now finally the platform has listened to the users. Twitter confirmed earlier that they are working on the edit tweet option and this option will initially be available for Twitter blue users in the coming months.

Apart from the confirmation of the new option, the company did not disclose any further detail about the edit tweet option. At that moment it is unclear how this option will work, but now we have a first look at the upcoming edit tweet option courtesy of a Twitter user.

Alessandro Paluzzi, a reverse engineer shared the first look at the edit option on his profile.

You can also check Alessandro Paluzzi’s Tweet below:

Users will be able to access the edit Tweet option after publishing the tweet. The option can be accessed through the three-dot menu and it is named “Edit Tweet”. Users can tap on this option and can easily edit their tweets as per their requirements.

Moreover, developer Nima Owji shared a Gif on the platform further revealing how this edit tweet option will work. The GIF shared by the developer discloses the entire edit tweet process.

With this option, it seems like users will only be able to edit the text in the Tweet only. Still, many things are unclear at the moment such as it is unclear whether it will allow users to edit some portion of the tweet or the entire tweet. It is also unclear how many times users will be able to edit a single tweet and whether this feature is only for editing tweets or it will allow users to edit a quote retweets or retweets.

The feature is in development and as mentioned, it will initially be available for Tweeter blue users. The company did not mention when this feature will roll out to the subscription-based users and when will it be available for all users.

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