How Does Your Snap Score Go Up

Snapchat is one of the most popular and widely social media platforms where users share some moments of their lives by taking snaps. Users also enjoy the platform by increasing their snap score. If you are one of those Snapchat users struggling to increase your snap score in Snapchat, go through the article as here we will discuss how does your snap score go up.

What is Snap Score?

Snap score is a score that you can receive on Snapchat. This is generated by calculating the amount of received and sent snaps. Besides that, it also analyzes user activity on Snapchat to provide users with a score. It mostly depends on how actively you use this social media platform. Here are the main activities on Snapchat that can affect this score.

  • The number of snaps sent and received by the user
  • The number of stories users add or view on the platform
  • The number of discover videos users watch
  • The number of friends users add
  • The active status of the user

How does your snap score go up in Snapchat?

You have to be consistent on the platform to increase your snap score. Here we have mentioned some ways that you can follow to increase your snap score.

Daily streaks 

You can share the moments of your daily life in the form of photos or videos within 24 hours with your friends on the platform to make streaks. It will help you increase the number of snaps sent and received; eventually, your snap score will go up.

Post and view stories

Viewing discover videos on Snapchat can increase your score. You can watch random videos on the platform, or you can also watch the videos made by your favorite influencers as well. Be active on the platform and watch the stories and episodes by your favorite creators.

Add friends and influencers

You will need to increase your interaction on the platform, and for that purpose, you will need to add your friends and celebrity influencers. Even though the influencers don’t reply or check your snaps, you will need to send your snaps to them to increase your score.

Be Active

The primary rule to increasing your score is being active on the platform. Share your life moments with snaps and spend your idle time watching discovery videos. Remember that your text conversations with someone on this platform will not increase your score. You will need to use snaps to do that.

Where to Find Your Snap Score?

If you still don’t know where you can find your snap score, here is how you can find that

  • Open Snapchat on your device and go to your profile
  • Here, you can see the zodiac sign, and on the left side of that sign, you can find your score.
  • Click on the snap score
  • Tap on the numbers to see your actual score, where you can see the total number of snaps sent and received by you.

Can I find my friend’s snap score?

Snap score is not private and you can easily find the snap score of your friends to make it more competitive and challenging. Here are the steps to find the snap score of your friends.

  • Go to your Snapchat and then tap on my friends
  • Tap on the friend’s profile whose snap score you want to see
  • You can find their score below their names
  • Tap on the number to check the score

If you are worried about whether your friends will know if you check theirs, you will not need to worry as Snapchat doesn’t send any notification if someone checks snap score. Remember, you only can see the snap score of your friends. If you don’t have anyone as your friend on this platform, you will not be able to view the person’s snap score.

Frequently asked questions 

What Is Snapchat Streak?

A user can get a Snapchat streak if the user shares snaps for 3 days sequentially. It shows the number of days you made streaks. Streaks can help you to increase your snap score but for that purpose, you will need to send a snap within 24 hours. Remember, you cannot make a streak in a group; to make them, you will need to share your snaps individually with your friends.

How much does the Snap Score go up per snap?

You will get 1 point to send or receive any snap. Every snap will help you to increase your snap score. Each time you send or receive a snap, your snap score will get updated.

Ending words

Hope this article has helped you and you have successfully understood how you can increase your score on Snapchat and make it higher than all your friends.

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