WhatsApp will soon allow users to react to messages with emojis without replying to them. The app started working on this feature a few months back and now recently we have seen that this feature is added to the recently released beta version of the app.

When the news broke about the message reaction feature, there was not much detail about the feature and how it will work. As the name suggests, the feature will allow users to react to messages but how it will work was still a question.

Now, there are more information and details on how the message reaction feature on WhatsApp will work thanks to the screenshot provided by WABetaInfo who tracks all the upcoming features of the popular instant messaging platform.

WABetaInfo revealed that this feature will be available for both the Groups and individual chats and on both iOS and Android operation systems.

Early details revealed that users will react to the messages only once. And there are only six emojis available from which users can choose to react to a message. There are only six emojis available so if you are looking for more emojis or custom emojis then surely you will be disappointed. But this feature is in development so the platform might include more emojis when this feature gets launched in the coming days. There might also be a chance that users react to a message more than once when this feature launched officially.

WhatsApp Message reaction
via: wabetainfo.com

Users can see all the reactions to their messages and they can even filter out reactions based on emojis. If you remember this is not the new feature as WhatsApp parent company Facebook (now Meta) has had this feature for ages. Users can filter out emoji reaction on their Facebook posts as well based on emojis.

The developer didn’t gave any date or timeline for the stable release of this feature but it will be available for all platforms and for the web and desktop app as well.

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